Primalist is a curated digital resource for the health-conscious athlete. We offer you news and articles on natural living, athletic performance and movement as a general practice.

Primalist’s core mission is to raise awareness regarding the benefits of a lifestyle in line with our evolutionary background. This includes topics such as a whole foods, plant-based diet for human performance, as well as the need for more movement and physical activity in our daily lives.

If we had to sum it up, we would say Primalist was created to help you feel, look, move and perform as well as you can.

Erwan CompesErwan Compes is an UX/UI Designer, triathlete and movement enthusiast based in Berlin.

His passion for well-being in all its forms led him to study human physiology and biomechanics, which brought him to a staggering discovery: the evolution of society has us strayed far off our ideal lifestyle, in terms of diet, activity and environment.

Most people live in such oblivion that they will never know the full extent of their mental and physical capacities. These skills, intuitively acquired by other species, have been forsaken by humans.

There is a growing trend for a return to a more natural lifestyle. Unfortunately, these initiatives are largely fragmented and don’t offer a holistic approach to learning to live healthy again.

This is why Erwan Compes created Primalist, to combine these ideas and merge them in a single platform dedicated to learning and growing towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.

You can find Erwan on YouTube, Instagram and his personal website.